In the Community
September 25, 2019

Our Co-op was built to serve, grow and invest in our community. That’s why we return our profits to local members and support the causes that matter to you. Wetaskiwin Co-op recognizes the numerous community groups and their value in our community and we will do our best to support as many events as possible. If you’re making a difference in our community through a non-profit, charitable organization or community group, we welcome your application to one of our local community support programs below.

Wetaskiwin Co-op Giving Strategy
Wetaskiwin Co-op’s giving strategy focuses on four main components:
    1. Community Support Fund – donations to support our community
    2. Gift Card Fundraising – opportunity for fundraising
    3. Charity Discount – consistent discount for eligible groups
    4. Co-op Cares Program – investing in capital projects

All donation requests are subject to review by the Co-op Cares Committee. Wetaskiwin Co-op uses Do Some Good to power their application forms.

Click here to apply for the Community Support Fund
Click here to apply for the Gift Card Fundraising
Click here to apply for the Charity Discount
Click here to apply for the Co-op Cares Program