Guts, Butts & Nuts Report
May 8, 2020

This “Guts, Butts & Nuts Report” is a summary of the 2020 spring bull sale season. In the following pages we will outline the performance statistics of over 2200 bulls from 84 anonymous ranches.

This report ranks ranch performance in 4 main categories: Adjusted Average 205 Day Weights; Adjusted Average 365 Day Weights; 205 – 365 Adjusted Average Daily Gain Weights and Scrotal Circumference.

The data displayed in the following pages comes from the respective ranch’s sale day catalogues. Data used is only retrieved from bulls sold in the spring of 2020, for bulls born in 2019. This information is as accurate as the sales catalogues it was retrieved from. Any bulls in the sales which did not meet the birth date criteria were omitted from this summary. In this report, all the names of the producers have been left out.

The data shown in this report is in no way statistically significant but does represent the random data gathered from a number of 2020 spring bull sales.

This report also provides information of the anonymous ranches that follow our Country Junction Feeds “Right Way” feeding program. This section merely acts as a reference to gauge the performance statistics against.

There is also a section devoted to explaining some of the feeds listed in this report. This information is provided to help better understand why the rations listed have shown such strong results. The “Guts, Butts & Nuts Report” also explains more about Country Junction Feeds practical feeding guidelines and ruminant nutrition.