2022 Annual General Meeting
January 11, 2022

Notice of Virtual Annual General Meeting

Wednesday, February 9 at 6:30pm on Zoom

How to Register:

Email marketing@wetaskiwincoop.com along with your name and Wetaskiwin Co-op membership number for details on how to join this meeting.

6:30 pm Call To Order

• Presentations
• Election of Directors
• By-Law Change - Qualifications for Director
• Ask Questions
• Learn About Your Co-op

All members are invited to participate.

7.0 Directors

7.02 Qualifications

a) No person shall become or continue as a director if that person:

(i) is not an individual;

(ii) is under 18 years of age;

(iii) is an individual who:
A. is a dependent adult as defined in the Dependent Adults Act or is the subject of a certificate of incapacity under that act;
B. is a formal patient as defined in the Mental Health Act;
C. is the subject of an order under the Mentally Incapacitated Persons Act (RSA 1970 c232) appointing a committee of the individual’s person or estate or both; or
D. has been found to be a person of unsound mind by a court elsewhere than in Alberta;

(iv) has the status of bankrupt;

Current: (v) is an officer, an employee of the Co-operative, or a commission operator under contract with the Co-operative;

Proposed: (v) is an officer, an employee of the Co-operative, has been employed by the co-operative in the last three years or a commission operator under contract with the Co-operative;

(vi) is an individual who is related to an employee of the Co-operative in any of the following ways:
A. spouse;
B. person living with the employee in an arrangement equivalent to spouse;

b) No person shall be a director unless that person or an entity of which that person is an officer, director, or member:

i) has been a member in good standing with The Wetaskiwin Co-operative Association Ltd. for at least one year; and

ii) purchased goods or services, or a combination of both, from the Co-operative during the last financial year of the Cooperative, worth the collective amount of at least $3,000.00. If a director nominee has a spouse that is also a member, their combined purchases will be considered to reach the $3,000 purchase plateau.

Memberships approved no later than January 27, 2022 will be eligible to vote at this year’s Annual Meeting.